Nesting mode - removal of code


With nesting mode any dimensions included will display the code to define uniqueness. I appreciate the need for this to be present to define uniqueness, however we have the need to remove the code, for example if you have multiple customers with the same name but they are separated by company. Here is an example:

15 customers are all “Amazon” but in different parts of the world, grouping by the customer will always show the code first and then the company name. This then does not display the company as one line of “Amazon” but 15 times. When going to the properties of the nest report, it is not possible to deselect the “code” property.

It would be advantageous for this to be available. The argument is it is standard functionality to group properties together in grid mode (i.e. “Amazon” will consolidate to one row), but it lost when using nesting.




I agree, I was sat there where you raised this and noted it as a suggestion.



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I posted a similar product suggestion more recently here.

I agree that the ability to hide this code would also be very helpful for reports that are intended to be distributed to outside clientele.

Would love this to be considered as an improvement to the application.

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What I don’t understand is that in typical queries, the Code property can be excluded.

It’s only when you enter Nested Grid that the code property becomes grayed out. I get that the code is required as a key in order to perform the joins tying the data sets together, but why is that information necessary to be displayed?

This is starting to cause issues with regards to being able to send reporting out via automation to outside clients.

On one hand, I can subscribe to the report, and forward it to my clients with all the data they need. However, they will also then receive our internal product and segment codes.

On the other hand, I cannot create automated reporting for these clients and it requires that I first receive the report, manipulate it in excel every time it needs to be sent, save it, and then e-mail the ‘redacted’ copy to the client.

The client needs their data either way, and the current Phocas method of forcing the internal codes onto potentially outward facing reports is problematic.

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