Security Groups for dimension restrictions

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I may not be reading the help docs correctly, but I cannot see how we would assign security to a group of users.

We have a large number of sales personnel which will be accessing the sales database. We want to reduce the number of rows being shown to a regional variant. I.e. North Europe, South europe.

We have this as a dimension and will want to assign by group rather than individual, this situation is going to become more problematic when financial statements will be used in the main stream as we will want to secure the P&L/BS to specific regional areas for the staff, I.e. Germany company only sees the Germany P&L etc.

We need to be able to assign users to groups then the groups control access to the databases. The administration overhead would be large and cumbersome. There is a danger that users would see more that they should with the user by user assignment.

Please let me know if there is an easier means of securing data as I can only see folders which is not the same as a security group.



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Hi Jon,

There are 2 pages within the documentation that should prove useful, have you seen both of these?

This gives an overview of how to restrict user access.

The second link however goes into more detail around how users can inherit restrictions based on their group/territory setting against each user rather than having to ‘hard code’ the reference for every user. Does this help at all?

The 2nd link sounds closer to what you are trying to achieve in using groups, but if you have any other questions then please let me know.


Lee Konrath

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Hi @anon41607707,

Thank you! the second link was what I was missing.

@IT_Support, since this is no longer a production suggestion, would you mind moving this post to the general hints & tips section as to not dilute this posting group.

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Got it @JonKemp - thank you!