10,000 line restriction


Hello, does anyone know how to remove the restricted transaction count of 10,000 lines in a download from Phocas.
I’m not looking to do this system wide but just allow one or two user this access.



Hi Graham,

Yes this can be done. There is a need to make you aware that this restriction is there to avoid a number of large queries being run concurrently, which could impact overall speed of the site. That said, an administrator should be able add a setting to each user, with a specific value to apply.

  • Within the users section of the website, select a specific user.
  • Go to the Settings tab of that user
  • Choose ‘New’
  • Within the dialog box that appears enter ‘TranCount’ as the name (without quotes)
  • Enter a value to apply.
  • Click Save.

I’ve just written this from memory, so please let me know if this doesn’t work. Again though I have to stress the impact this can have if every user has the ability to run very large queries.




Excellent news, thanks Lee.

I understand the implications and will only add this setting to 1 or 2 trusted users. However it looks like I don’t have access to the user settings tab, even though I’m the Phocas admin at my organisation.

I’ll contact Nejah to see if he’ll allow me access to ‘settings’.