Adding Task to CRM straight from BI - Later Date Not Required

When adding a new task related to a customer directly from the Actions menu within BI, it does not require the end date/time to be AFTER the beginning date/time. It allows you to save it either way, so if you have the end date/time BEFORE the beginning date/time, it does not show correctly in the “My Agenda” section of CRM until you go back into the new, saved task and adjust the end date/time:


This task is now saved in CRM, but not showing on My Agenda unless I have the incorrect END DATE selected, as well. So, if I select 8/27 in the calendar, it will show in my agenda, but if I select 8/28 in the calendar, it will not:



Until I change this:

To this:

Then, it shows correctly:

Sorry for the long, somewhat confusing post!

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