Notes Save & Move Down - Newest on Top (CRM)

We have been using Tasks in CRM as a rolling area to record info related to specific subjects. For example, if we are trying to sign up a customer to our Partner Program, we might have a Task named “Partner Program”, and then we would update it continuously over time to reflect notes from meetings, phone calls, conversations, etc.

The current Description field does not organize information very well (even with the ability to timestamp). Ultimately, we would always like the freshest information at the top, and we would also like the newest information to show up on the daily reports that go out to everyone. As it stands, if people forget to “Enter” down the old info and add the new info at the top, then the report will show old information every time, and new information will start to get lost at the bottom.

What I would suggest is having that Description field just be an input field which would record and freeze notes into a thread once a user presses “Save” (similar to what this forum does, except newest at the top). Then when a new note is Saved, the old note moves down, and the new note records and freezes at the top of the running list. Those saved notes could be editable, but would be nicely differentiated from one another. Perhaps a timestamp could automatically generate and be placed next to each note, but wouldn’t necessarily pull into the daily report (as to not unnecessarily take up space).