Comments on reports

Currently we’re able to add comments to reports but once they’re added they only live in that report.

I believe that @mentions are on their way at some point to improve collaboration but what I think would also be useful is to see a forum like view of reports I’ve commented on (like an audit trail of activities) and a link to that report.

Hi @StuartH, yes I think an activity stream on the home page would be a nice way for a user to receive this information. I’ve logged a suggestion.

Does your company already use a collaboration tool (other than email)? Would you like to see Phocas event notifications in this collaboration tool?

Currently email is pretty much the only non verbal method of collaboration. Ideally face to face is used as much as possible but sometimes you don’t want a meeting to notify someone of something you’ve noticed.

With CRM we might assign a task but again to assign a task to someone not in the same department might not be appropriate.

Plus emails are only visible to the sender and the recipient, my assumption is that a comment or conversation would be visible to anyone with access to that report so a much more open communication.

Thanks @StuartH for the additional information. We’ll definitely be sending email notifications for comments and mentions which haven’t been read. Yes comments are visible to users who can comment (profile setting) and who have access to the dashboard or favourite.

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