Visibility of Activities in CRM


We’re just in the beginning stages of using CRM, but one item we would like to see is the ability to control the visibility of activities, probably by “team”. In this case in particular we’re going to have our collection department using CRM to record their activities and notes with the customers. We would limit these activities to be only visible to the collections department, and not have these notes visible to the sales team.


Hi Aaron,

We’ve recently introduced a number of enhancements in relation to CRM, one of which was the introduction of CRM restrictions, which mirrors the traditional restrictions used on a normal Phocas database in being able to control what a user will see.

Please let me know if this doesn’t quite achieve what you’re after?


Unless I’m missing something, this doesn’t quite get as granular as we looking for. Let me try to explain a little better:

For an example, lets use an account “ABC Company”
I have a collections office, “Joe Credit”
I have a sales rep, “Jane Sales”.

ABC Company belongs to Jane Sales, so she needs access to the company, it’s contacts, and it’s activities.

Joe Credit is the collections officer assigned to ABC Company. Joe needs to go into CRM and record his collection related notes and activities, however we do not want Jane Sales to see these collection related activities.

I don’t believe this is possible with the current restrictions.

I can control access to the entire account via owner/team/territory/etc, but it’s all or nothing access to that account.

What I’d like is to make activities available to members of the same team. So, if Joe Credit is a member of the “Collections” team, I’d like him to be able to enter activities only viewable to other members of the “Collections” team (or users with no restrictions).

Does that make sense?