Where did Comments Go?

Maybe I’m missing something in this new navigation (I was out for a while and returned to a new Phocas interface :slight_smile: ), but where did the Comments go on a saved Favorite? I think they used to be under the “star” menu, but I don’t see that option under the drop-down menu now. Am I just missing it?:


Update: Apparently this is indeed something I missed while I was out for a while. I was notified that Comments no longer exist. I’ll leave the same feedback here I gave to my customer success consultant:

I really liked the functionality of being able to save multiple comments with different queries, so that I could easily create multiple “views” of a Favorite without having to save it in multiple separate Favorites. It was especially useful for some harder-to-use Favorites that I shared with other users, so they had easy access to various ways of looking at the information all in one spot.

I feel like there should still be some kind of function within Favorites that mimics that capability to save multiple “views” within a single Favorite. It makes it easy for end-users to look at info on complicated Favorites in one spot, and it certainly cut down on the number of Favorites I actually had to create and manage. I don’t care much about there actually being a “comment” feature for collaboration purposes – really just the ability to save multiple query views.

Hi Tim

Thanks so much for the feedback. Comments served us well and there are no near term plans to bring in a direct replacement right now.

Any future work is likely to be based on the ‘notes’ functionality in the Phocas B&F product and feedback like this helps us understand where this could fall in our priority order so I will also keep an eye on this post.

Thanks again
Phocas Product Manager - Analytics