Admin for Favorites

My site has nearly 700 various favorites, many have not been used in years. I’m looking for an efficient way to move older, unused favorites to an archive folder to reduce the number visible to the users. Currently, the only way I see to do this is from the Admin menu by select each favorite one at a time and share to the new folder. Once multiple favorites are selected, only delete becomes an option, and no Bulk Update that I can find. Deleting isn’t a bad option, except it’s almost guaranteed that once an old favorite is deleted, a user will ask what happened to his favorite from 4 year ago (which is why I want to go the archive route).

Is there a way to move favorites, in bulk, to a new (archive) folder?


Ironically I was struggling with same problem. Managing folders is limited and not intuitive like the rest of Phocas. The best solution would be a file explorer type one but otherwise a bulk update at least. Also agree a creation date would be useful

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We just moved to the Hosted site … and one of the major issues I wanted to clear up was all those OLD Favorites … trying to determine who actually used them was a real pain (sending out emails and going back in and doing them one at a time…)

I finally did like Mike did in his comment … created a Hold-Favorites folder … sharing the OLD favorites to that folder … then cleaning up the Favorites but having the OLD ones around just in case…Somebody says “What Happened to my favorites … I need them” … well, at least I can restore them when and if needed … but a little more Admin help in working with cleanup and maintenance of Favorites would be appreciated.

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