Rearrange Custom Fields in CRM

It would be nice to have the ability to rearrange custom fields created within CRM. Perhaps by adding up/down arrows to the list of custom fields like so:


Is this just from an Admin perspective? Presumably you can move them in the actual user screen?

Unless I’m mistaken, I believe this list on the admin side determines the layout of the fields on the user screen. I already deleted all of the custom fields you see in the screenshot above, otherwise I would screenshot for you.

Ok, had a play with this and notice you can only add fields to new sections, not existing sections.

We really wanted to add additional address fields or category fields in the top section of a task.

Like you I’d want to order the fields based on the flow, might need to add one in between two in future as it would make more sense.

Exactly with the order. Though I think you can actually add to existing tabs. They new fields you add will just show up at the end of the current fields.