Advance Search: Add "Contains", "Begins With" and "Ends With" to the list of choices

Please add a “Contains” option to the list of searches in the Advance Search window. The “Like” and “Not Like” options do not seem to be specific enough.


It would make searches much easier to be able to select a specific string to look for within a field. For example: a Contains search of “XXXX” in the Product Code field in the Inventory database that would return all codes that Contain that string - 123XXXX321, XXXX321123, 123321XXXX and so on.


Although I do see the merit of “contains”, this can be done already using widcards. So if you need to get this in a hurry, the below should help.

For example you are looking for a customer which starts with an “A” but then only have 3 additional characters (like ALDI) you could put: “A???”

You can get quite funky with these clauses such as “[a-c]*” which will return all customers starting with the letters A, B or C. There are quite a few combinations to be had. Although not as user user friendly as “contains”, it does the same job and are standard querying techniques. Here is a page with all sorts of wonderful query wildcards:
@twhitson - your example can be done using wilcards either with the “#” (if a numeric field or “?” if its alphanumeric.

Hope this helps.

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In the list of options you have EQUALS which is looking for an exact match such as:

EQUALS ALDI (using Jon’s example) would only return the record where it matches exactly

However, you also have LIKE which is looking for something similar or containing:

LIKE A* would return anything where A was the first letter, so ALDI, ALDO, ASDA, AMERICAN GOLF etc. You can enter as much of the string as you like.

You can conversely use the * at the other end to find things that end with any number of letters.

By entering an * at both ends you’re looking for a string anywhere within a field.

You can ever filter for special characters if doing some data cleanse etc (I often do this) such as * & * to find records containing an & sign or the dredded * , * which is a system developers nightmare!