Search using RegEx (Regular Expressions)



A recent request was to find all customers whose Postcode (UK) was in Birmingham, where the Postcode starts with the letter B followed by a number.

A normal search for B* results in matches for all postcodes starting with a B, eg BH9 1AB and BR2 1AB
which are codes in other cites (Bournemouth and Bristol).

You can use RegEx

Which translates to
1st char: Must be a B
2nd Char: Must be a number 0-9
Anything Else

This method can be used for searching specific product codes or names. Example:
GU[0-9] = Will find all products with a GU followed by a number eg GU10, GU4 in their description.

Note these need to be entered in the advanced search function, not the normal simple search box.


Can you use the RegEx for letters or symbols? In the examples listed above you only used it for [0-9].


You can search using most simple RegEx functions (Excluding \ Operators)

[A-Z] matches letters A thru Z
b[aeiou]t matches bat,bet,bit,bot,but
b[^ae]t matches b*t but not bat,bet


Awesome, thanks for the information!

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