Search for empty codes/properties in Search-mode

So, from time to time I have got some data without a first property - or other property - that I would like to present in a kind of validation list “Fix these empty values”-favorite list, that can be shared with relevant people.

I have not yet figured out how to create a search that finds empty values directly.
Empty search string like ‘’ is not allowed in the value-field. If so, selecting a “Not Equal To” = ‘’ would do the trick.
I’ve tried all sorts of tricks, like wildchar inputs using ? and such. Negating ones as well.
I can filter AWAY my empty ones, using fx “Greater Than” 1 or “Not Equal To” ?

But i need it the other way around, to have those that are empty on a list.
I do know, I can just make a calculated new column in the designer, and do it using SQL syntax (like a CASE statement), but would love to be able to do it in the Phocas UI directly. Also so customer can do it themselves easily.

Anyone had same problems, or even a solution. Maybe I didn’t think of them all…

@hakio, your best option would be to replace the empty values with a character of your choice (say ###) directly from your extract or with a transformed column in Designer. This way, they will be easily spotted/searched in your database.

@nyphocas, true that is one way to get around it - thanks.
Still I would love to be able to do it in the Phocas grid/UI directly, and not rely on fiddling around on extraction-level, but I think that’s actually the best way forward at the moment!