👀 Advice re: Snapshots, Open Orders/Bids

One of the metrics we watch is our daily open order and bid amounts. These can often be a leading indicator of what’s to come in our markets. For someone who hasn’t setup or worked with any Snapshot data, what advice or insight might you have? :eyes:

Based on what I’ve read in the documentation (and search out here in the UG) it sounds like enabling a daily snapshot for both these sync sources would be fairly straight forward but, I’d welcome any advice/feedback from those who might’ve already sailed these waters.

For clarity, this is about enabling a daily snapshot of both our open order and bid data so we can track/analyze our historical open order and bid activity. i.e. In Jan we had X$a in open orders vs X$b in Feb vs X$c in Mar etc. We wrote X$z in bids last week vs X$y in bids the week prior etc.

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Not sure if this helps, but there was a similar question a while ago here: Retain Snapshots - Inventory

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