Custom Formatting Measures



I have applied custom formatting for measures used in my dashboard, but the users who have “Viewer” rights are still seeing the system default formatting for measures when viewing the same dashboard. How do I get the users who have “Viewers” rights to see the formatted measures I applied to the dashboard widgets?

For example: When building my widget I added a $ prefix and removed decimals on the Value measure. When I view the dashboard, the formatting in the widget looks correct, but when another user views the same dashboard, the measure has the default formatting.



I think number formatting is a user setting, not sure how viewer users would alter their number formats though as they don’t have access rights to the database. You raise a good question here.



I am going to format the 3 measures at the database level and see if my user’s can see the formatted measures.



I went into my Sales Database and formatted my Sales, Cost, GM$, Sales per Item, Cost per Item measures so that the formatting would be like this $#,###. After saving and building my database, I went into the database to look at the data and noticed the measures are not displaying correctly. They are still displaying as the default formatting even though in database design the measures have been formatted. Any thought on why I am not able to see my format changes? I should also note that the database does not currently have an owner. I would like it open to all administrators to make changes if needed.