Dashboard List selection "Open in New Window"

When using a List in a dashboard it would be good to have an option for “Open in New Window”.

This could be provided either as the default if there is no reason not to, or as a selection in the set up to allow a “Yes/No” option.

Thanks for your suggestion @StuartH. Is there a specific need that you are looking at ?


I have a dashboard that acts as a hub for some users and has the key metrics they need along with a List widget for key reports.

When they click on a link in a List widget the page updates and the user would have to click back the list of Dashboards to find the one they want again.

I understand that I could set this as the home page but not all users will want this and having to navigate back to the original dashboard has it’s problems - main Phocas home page is often slow to respond due to updating Alerts and using the Burger menu is not filtered so the list can be quite long.

Defaulting to open in new window would retain the original dashboard to go back to more easily.

Perfect, thanks @StuartH. I have raised a suggestion with this info and gather more interest.