Database Restriction - "OR"

I am trying to implement a Database Restriction with multiple dimensions, using an OR and {{user:territory}}.
Scenario: We have 2 levels of geography - Territories and Regions. A Territory Manager ™ should see only their Territory, but a Regional Manager (RM) should see all Territories in a Region.
Obviously this could be done by assigning all Territories within a Region to the RM… but it seems like I should be able to use an OR on the Dimension when building the Database Restriction? The option is there, but it doesn’t appear to work, unless the OR is only within a Dimension?

Database Restrictions:

And on the users as an example:
RM has Territory of “Central”
TM has Territory of “Florida”

Is this possible?

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Well, scrap my idea of just adding all the Territories… there is a 50 character limit in the User:Territory field…