Default Langauge Keeps Reseting


This is a minor nit-pick. The default language in my environment keeps resetting to en-GB. I’m not 100% sure of the cause, but I suspect it’s the monthly upgrade that resets it. I can go in and change it back to en-US, and it will save for a bit, but something resets it eventually.

Just yesterday, I imported almost 100 new users. Today I noticed a couple of the set to en-GB, I checked, and sure enough the default had reset to en-GB.

The other nit-pick is that there’s not an option to bulk-update the language for these users. So now I’ll need to edit each users to change their language.

(As I said, just a minor nit-pick… doesn’t cause any major issues, but I’ll get some calls from users due to minor differences in the language.)