User gets dates in Eurpopean format when displaying data base

We have a user who’s dates display in European format on a particular DB (Quotes), whereas when I display the same data, mine comes out in MM/DD/YYYY format. Any ideas on how to get his to display in MM/DD/YYYY format?

Hi @KellyS,

Have you ruled out computer settings?

Thanks for your reply! I’ll have him check it out.

Hi @KellyS,

Is the date format impacting all DBs the user has access to or just the one?

In addition to @ShaneAngel’s solution, you may also want to check the users profile. Their is a ‘language’ setting on the User tab. I had the same issue with users only to find the language setting was set to English (en-GB) instead of English (en-US). Changing it to en-US fixed the date format problems.


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Thanks Mike! That was it! Case closed!