Bug with Day based period or Custom Day

When using a custom day based period in custom mode, the values calculated will be incorrect for the day UNLESS you happen to include a month based period as well somewhere else. This is hard to explain, but the pictures hopefully will show the issue:

So as you can see from these images, the custom day feature is completely broken unless you happen to include a month based period. Then it magically fixes itself and starts working. I’m almost positive this is a bug, but maybe there’s something I’m missing here?

I don’t seem to be having the same issue, how are you creating your periods?

I’ve tried all options and I just can’t break it.

It happens when I use a day based custom period. The issue occurs both using the custom option in the period drop down, as well as using custom (day) period in custom mode. The information will always be wrong unless there happens to be a month based period happening somewhere (which is impossible on the regular period drop down, but it can happen in custom mode.) It’s very odd.

Ask your administrator to check in design, you have to tell the Database how many days you want data summarised for, for example we only have data for the last 400 days, if I look at the days before that, it returns ‘0’

Thanks Rob, I am the designer for this database. I don’t see an option in designer for how many days we want summarized anywhere.

I found the solution. Thanks Rob. Looks like in designer, there is a field called “Days to Summarize” that defaults to 31 days. This field controls how many days back from today that it will show when you choose a day-based period. In my case, I changed it to 730 days ( 2 years) to make sure that I can now do correct Month to date based year to date comparisons. For anyone looking for this field, in designer, look under Date -> Days, and you find this well-hidden field. I did read that it will slow down build time, and I did experience an increase in build time. However my overall build time is low enough that it does not matter. I would assume that a higher value of days to summarize will slow it down even more. Again, thanks Rob for that hint.

Glad to help, was just about to post where to find it, but you found it quicker than I could do it :slight_smile:
But be careful, because of leap years, you might need to do 731 days to make sure you have 2 full years data

Will do, thanks again!