Impact of changing Days to Summarize


Does anyone know what the impact of greatly increasing the Days to Summarize value is? We’d really like the option of comparing YTD figures against previous year. To do this down to the day level (as opposed to a full month), I’d need to change the Days to Summarize either to a much larger value then the default of 31, or set it to 0 to include everything. Has anyone done this? And did it have a major impact on build time or performance?


Not sure if this is what you mean, but we have a defined period “Year to Date” and it allows us to show the data YTD through yesterday. You also need to check the Month to Date box in the settings.


Ah… I wasn’t aware of that option. Wasn’t what I was originally referring to, but it does accomplish the same thing. There’s not a way to default that option is there? I guess otherwise it will just be a training issue for our users.


… and never mind! I now see the default to MTD option on the database. Thanks so much for pointing out this option to me!

Unfortunately, unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to use the MTD option when you’re in Custom mode, is there?


I’m just seeing this now, but I believe in custom mode if you use the YTD option, it automatically makes it month to date. That’s what it does for us, at least.