Days to Summarize

My sales database uses default values for the Day period.


I need to be able to compare a previous day to same period prior year. The “Design a database” documentation points to this, but doesn’t actually state how this is done - I don’t see an offset or similar feature allowing this.

### Change the number of days to summarize
The default number of days summarized in a database is 31. Sometimes you need a different number of days to be summarized, for example to:
compare daily month to date with the daily month to date previous year, or
compare a 3 month daily breakdown with the same period last year.

Is setting the Days To Summarise to 396 the proper way to do this?


If I understand your question correctly… This not where you set this up.
Go to a Database (Main Menu -> Administration ->Databases) Click on a database and then go to the Defined Period Types. This is where you can define the period types to analyze each database.

Hi Matt,

Not MTD or a defined period. I’m looking to compare a single day vs the same day prior year. As the documents indicate " The default number of days summarized in a database is 31. " Meaning, you can view daily activity for the last 31 (default setting) days. In a basic example, I want to be able to compare yesterday’s sales, to the same day prior year. Ideally, I would like to tell Phocas to summarize the last 31 days and the last 31 days for the same period prior year. Having daily summaries back 13 months adds to the database size, as well as the build time. I’m looking for a more efficient way other than setting the “Days to Summarise” to 396 (13ish months worth of daily summaries). Thanks for the response. Hopefully the additional info helps you or others on this forum help find a better solution.

Hi Mike,

You’re correct - you would accomplish this by setting your days to summarize to 396 or so. That’s how we’ve set things up here to be able to compare to same day last year.