Defined Periods - Future equivalent of Recent and Second most recent, to create better dynamic periods!

Suggestion originates from this post, which I cannot figure out how to move to product suggestions… as others are backing the idea. So re-creating it:

Product suggestion
We are trying to set up a Defined Period for the current calendar year, showing the 12 months monthly. It should be dynamic, so we do not have to modify it each January to reflect the new calendar year.
So the Period Start is simply January Most Recent.
But the end period of December cannot be set dynamically, only hardcoded like below screenshot.
Offset is not of use either, as this is offset from todays day and offset cannot be from the start period.
And there are no future equivalent of “Recent” and “Second most recent”.


Add to this the option of making the offset relative to the start date rather than today.

E.g. Start + 12m so that the length of the select period is always fixed.