Defined Period: Dynamic current calendar year as monthly - can this be done?

We are trying to set up a Defined Period for the current calendar year, showing the 12 months monthly. It should be dynamic, so we do not have to modify it each January to reflect the new calendar year.
So the Period Start is simply January Most Recent.
But the end period of December cannot be set dynamically, only hardcoded like below screenshot.
Offset is not of use either, as this is offset from todays day and offset cannot be from the start period.
And there are no future equivalent of “Recent” and “Second most recent”.

Am I missing out something basic here, or is it just not possible?

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Hi @hakio,

I don’t think it’s possible. Seems like you are looking for an “Upcoming” or “Next” of sorts?

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Hi @tim.janes & @hakio ,

That will nail it on the head. I too have challenges when looking FY in months. As my client’s FY is from Sept to Aug, setting up a chart to show the full year when designated in months is a pain. Having the dialog box to have:
Start: Sept | Most Recent End: Aug | Next Upcoming
Start: Sept | Second Most Recent End: Aug | Most Recent

That would solve all the headaches I am having too. Thanks @hakio for raising this as it would be a worthy add on. I think this needs moving to Product Suggestions.

@hakio - Would you mind movinfg this post to product suggestions? You can edit your post (pencil top right of inital post) and move to product suggestions board so others can like this.



@JonKemp @tim.janes
Thanks for inputs on this one both. Jon, yes it would definately be a neat add-on feature.
I could not for the world figure out how to move the post, so created a new one:

Please endorse it :slight_smile:

Kim (hakio)

We generally get round this by having two fixed periods that we manually update once a year.

Current Financial Year & Prior Financial Year

Each year we’ll update the years but the months remain static.

It’s a bit of an annoyance to have to do this, as other reporting tools do have more elaborate offsets but to be fair for a once a year job it does what we need it to.