Dynamically select top 20 customers

I’m trying to create a report that will automatically select the top 20 customers based on sales FYTD. Since it will be a report updated on ongoing bases, I would like the favourite to always select the top 20 customers, instead of having to sort it by sales FYTD and then manually focusing on the top 20. Does anyone know a way to set this up?

Unless there’s something I’m not aware of, I don’t think there’s anyway of limiting the rows on a favorite. If you save the favorite after sorting it by FYTD sales, it will always be in order, so you can always let it list out all the customers, and just ignore all but the top 20.

Now, that being said, you CAN limit the rows on a dashboard widget. So if you add the favorite as a widget a dashboard, you can limit to the Top X rows or bottom X rows. So you can fake it a bit by having a dashboard with this as the only widget. The only drawback there is, you’ll lose the ability to subscribe to it, if that is important.

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Thanks for the suggestion aaron.roma. Ideally I wanted to have a favourite so that I could subscribe the user to the report, but might have to consider your dashboard workaround instead.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been added before, Top 10 lists are quite common in reporting.

And limiting by value isn’t always an option. Needs to be an option added to the Advanced Search - code would need to sort by the column data column (descending for Top and ascending for Bottom) then filter for a number of rows. Presume this would be normally used via the right click menu though.


Moved the topic to product suggestions since it is not a feature of Phocas yet.

Hi @DBragg. I’ve logged this as a product suggestion. As @aaron.roma has commented we already provide this functionality in dashboards, just not in favourites. We’re going to be working in the area so we may take a look at the feasibility of adding this in.