Easy Budget Upload

Good morning,
I am following the steps in the documentation (Easy Budget Upload) to upload a budget file and am running into an issue with column headers. Not sure why, but my date column headers are not being recognized after the upload. The column headers are showing up as “Column1”, “Column2”, etc… I formatted the headers as such: “Jan-19”, “Feb-19”, etc… and have tried changing the format to different formats provided in the documentation. Has anyone else run into similar issues or have any suggestions.

This is what my file looks like after uploading (column headers are not displaying dates):

It doesn’t look like the file is being recognized as a budget and I am not receiving the prompt asking to use this data as a budget item.


I figured out the issue. I wasn’t saving the file as a .TXT.
After changing the file type, the upload looks good and I was able to map the columns in designer.

I should note I was creating the Budget file from scratch in Excel. I then saved the file as text (tab delimited). That was the only way I could get EDA to recognize the file as a budget file.

Glad you got it sorted, it has worked for me as a .csv before, never tried .txt

Thanks for the tip. I just tried a .csv and it worked. I will make note that I can use either a .csv or .txt file when uploading budget data.

Hi Justin,

Your problem was due to a change in the Excel file processing where we are now getting raw values from the spreadsheet, rather than formatted values.

This is good for the data itself, but not as good for header cells as you have experienced.

We are currently working on a fix which will be in our October release.

I’m glad that you found a workaround in the meantime. Another workaround which may be more convenient is to force your header cells to text.


Hi Liam,

Thanks for the information and the suggestion of forcing my header cells to text. I created a new file this morning and made my header date cells as text. The file upload worked and was recognized as a budget item. Looking forward to the October release.