Static Data File Upload Issue

I am trying to upload a Static Data file in EXCEL format. My date column is in dd/mm/yyyy format. The problem is not every row has an associated date. I keep getting a rejection for this reason. Stating the following:
UPLOAD error and shows my Column header w/ “D2CSZ”. Same thing follows value. Am I too believe that you cannot load any static data file without data in every cell of every column?

I’m not sure specifically with Phocas (apart from I’m pretty sure Dimensions & Properties can be blank - they get replaced with a ###) but best practice is to never have a null (blank) field.

I’m currently going through a project to cleanse the main ERP system of these. Many will just have a 0 populated, “Not Specified”, “None” to clear them up.

I would imagine though that a measure can never be null as it’ll mess up any calculations as Phocas would never change values (such assuming a null is a 0).