Filtering at the transactional level to thereafter bring into favorite. .

I’ve read through the documentation and I can’t seem to determine how to create this filter but it would save me a TON of time.

Here is the scenario:

I would like to capture average delivery time. Average delivery time is calculated by taking the arrival time and subtracting the invoice time. This is done at the sync level using an expression and results in numbers (ie. 30). I also have a calculation called bench time which is the difference between the departure time and the invoice time expressed as a number at the sync level using an expression.

I KNOW that where I have a bench time exceeding 480 minutes this is the result of the order being INTENTIONALLY held overnight. This data, however, skews my averages.

Question: is there a way to create a filter to excluded transactions where bench time > 480? I can see how this is done in transaction view BUT I cannot seem to run this filter at a high level without excluding all transactions.

Any help would be great.****

You should be able to use advanced search to show only results with less than 480 bench time;