Geographic Data Structure - resolved


Update1: Ive found the information, it was actually on this section from googling: (almost bottom of page has this information). Support please close this post if you wish as I didn’t see it in your page first time round.
Hi All,

Recently purchased Phocas and finding it brilliant. I have over 20 years BI development experience but must confess I am struggling on this issue.

I think the major thing we all face is data quality. I have been tidying up our sales data and almost there. One element that I am struggling with is creation of maps (Marker, Circle or Heat). I have been looking at the documentation but cannot see what the correct data structure for the data is. It works a full address field, but need to reign this in a bit to just country level.

I have tidied the address information to use the ISO 2 char or 3 char country codes. I thought that should be enough to create a basic world view based on each country. Alas, no. As we have thousand of customers, I want to group them to country first to show the power of this facility and get the businesses buy in to get them to cleanse their customer data for accurate geo mapping. For example the data is currently binded to say:

I chose these as properties on the chart but the map icon is greyed out. So what is the most basic level of detail required to allow this to be enabled? Am I missing something in the DB config/design which marks it as geographical?

Any ideas would be most welcome.




Hello Jon - Great question - and I am glad you are loving Phocas!

When using country codes or regional codes it sometimes can cause crossovers in the data, which I am sure you have discovered during testing.

The most accurate way of plotting is by Longitude/Latitude as that should always provide a unique combo to plot customers against.

I will take your customer to our experts in Geo and see if they can provide further details.


Also - glad to see you found the resources available! Keep up the good work Jon!


Thanks Tom. Appreciate your time replying.