How does the Min/Max in custom mode work?

Hi all,

I am confused as to how min and max work in custom mode. The recently released features are not working as I would expect.

I am putting this in Tips and tricks but may be moving raising it as a ticket.

Here is an example:

I want to compare a single dimension across different sectors and then determine the highest value and lowest value here is the layout:

The last 2 columns are supposed to be showing the Max and min values, so I would expect the highest value to be 947.24 and the lowest value to be 782.15. Instead I get 2,576.74 which is the sum of all sectors (947.24+847.35+782.15).
Here is the structure of custom mode:

Pretty straightforward. So if its doing the sum of all sectors first, then working Max and Min it will always be the same number. I.e. Max of 2,576.74 = 2,576.74, Min of 2,576.74 = 2,576.74. So what gives?

Appreciate any support or thoughts on this guys.



Hey Jon,

Thanks for reaching out about this issue.

your expectation is spot on, in terms of what it should be doing.

it looks like its a bug with ‘double height headers’

If you remove the header grouping, and apply the same selection “min/max”, it should work great.

(see screenshot below)

I am working with the team to have this resolved ASAP.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.

Thanks Jon,


Hi @Riasat ,
Hope you are well?
Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately doesn’t look like its the double height headers. I still have the exact same numbers when they are flattened (different example but total is still min/max):

Look forward to your reply,


Hi @JonKemp ,

apologies, this comment flew under my radar.

Let me reach out to you via email, and schedule a time to get together, and chat about this feature and its application

Thanks again for all your help Jon,