Where are the release notes?

Hi, the last release notes made public was on 17th August 21 for 8.1.6. We are now on 8.1.8 and no details are present.

Please can the release notes be presented to the customers ASAP.

Also, the release notes used to show what was coming next so we had an idea what to expect in the next release, please can this return as it was very useful for me to cascade new features to the business. Currently we have no idea what is being worked on since August and what to expect.


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Thanks for pointing this out on here. I brought this up to Support recently! Would love to see the details and similar formats as before.

Hi Jon and Krishna,

Sorry for the issues you’ve been having accessing up-to-date release notes.

The release notes have now been updated at https://helpphocassoftware.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/userdoc/pages/590137/Phocas+release+notes



@mark.fryer Thanks for the update. I do however consider the release notes incomplete. There is new functionality within custom mode on different functions.
There are no details on their usage. I have in-fact raised a tip & tricks article here asking how they work as they do not work as I would expect and the release notes should really show examples of usage.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention @JonKemp We are working to add the information you’ve requested.