Minimum, Maximum, Mode and Median

Is there functionality or other way to get a minimum and/or maximum functionality in Phocas. For example, when looking at part usage information, I would like to have statistical information for Minimum, Maximum, Mode and Median.


Hi @bgehr ,
I agree, some statistical functions could be really useful and interesting. Especially when working with stock holding levels and pricing.

I have been asked before for the Mode, (most common) average price sold.
A select-able aggregate function for the total area for each measure would be great.

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I second this statement. Would like more statical functions built in or how to arrive at them since you have limited formula usage in custom mode. Once could program this easily in Excel, but I assume some basic scripting added to Phocas would allow for much faster slicing of data without the need to export the XLS and set this up manually.

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Hi @bgehr, I’ve changed this to a product suggestion and have logged it. We’re looking to do some work in this area and I’ll need to do some further research into feasibility for this issue. I’m hoping to introduce a more Excel like syntax to custom mode calculations which may help here. Thanks for putting this on the forum.