How to Direct to an External Link

I have been struggling to simply use the data in a column and click to go to the link as such


When using the Link function in Designer i use the following structure

%%Column Name%% since this has the URL in it but this uses our Phocas link and extends the column data to that which we ONLY want the URL link that is in the data field.

Hi @Till ,

I also have this issue. I have raised with the development team. They are currently looking to fix. If the URL is in the form of a property is does not work, if however you can push in (if the web site you are using permits) only the parameters it works so for example:

Does not work:
Property = MyWebsiteColumn (Google)

In link properties you do “%%MyWebsite%%” it will not work. However…

Does Work:
Property = MyWebsiteParamColumn (HelloWorld)

In link properties you do Google, this will work.

I believe (could be wrong here) its to do with security by pushing a complete web address out in a single column. This used to work but with changes to global legal requirements on data (GDPR etc) the current security mechanisms which are in place on Phocas cannot handle this.

As I say, I have been in discussion with the Devs on this and they are working on a fix. So if you can try to break up the URL like above and you maybe able to work around the problem.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any success with the above.