Hyperlink URL to data

Is it possible to represent an existing text data element with a hyperlink, or alternatively - to link to an icon? For example, we have an invoice 123. If the user clicks “123” the browser would open a new window to the ERP system that shows that invoice.

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Hi Steve,

It is possible to link an invoice code to your ERP URL.

There are some prerequisites involved, for example, the Invoice code will have to match up with the syntax of the ERP URL, the URL will have to be consistent across invoices ETC.

If you speak to your Customer Success Consultant (account manager) or local support team they will be able to walk you through the requirements, what would be involved to set this up and if there are any costs involved.

If you are a self serve customer you can also do this through Designer, see the link below: https://help.phocassoftware.com/display/userdoc/Add+shortcut+links+in+Designer


Perfect – exactly what I was looking for - thank you. I missed that help doc.