Inbound Freight on a PO

We just went live last week with Phocas. One of the things I’d like to compare would be what percentages of orders and buylines our Purchasing Agents are short-buying and bringing in with additional freight.

I can’t seem to find that metric under the Purchasing Database. Do you know if this is separated out, since it’s not a separate line item on the PO, it’s a field filled in once we receive the invoice.

We are on Eclipse.

Hello @scott.williams - this information may live in the Header Info of the PO, and is stored in a different file in Eclipse. I would be happy to review options for you to include this information in your Phocas environment. Please DM me to schedule some time to discuss.

I don’t know how to direct message you.

Hey @scott.williams - if you click on my name you should see a box like this and you can choose message -