Incoming / Booking Yesterday SXe

I am attempting to calculate total incoming activity for previous day. This would include Open Orders entered yesterday (easy to calculate) plus Invoiced Orders that were entered same day as they invoiced.

My thought was to limit Invoiced yesterday by entered date add that to the Open Orders entered yesterday to measure total incoming for the day.

I need to get Entered Date as a Selection and be able to make it variable as yesterday.

Any thoughts would be great. I do have Entered Date as part of my Transaction Mode.


Are these seperate streams that you’re adding together?

Assuming they are; the first one is easy as you say as you’ll just filter on the Entered Date, however surely the second one is also a case of filtering the Invoiced Orders by Entered Date (the date of the order, not the date of the Invoice).

If this is already in your data, then it’s as easy as that, if not could you get it added?

Or do you not have an Order Stream that includes both Open and Invoiced Orders as that would negate the need for the sum.

I think need to start by having Entered Date added as a selection, then I can figure out how to make sure it is variable for entered yesterday.