Line count and %

I’m struggling with how to get the proper % of lines for a quality metrics database. We have a number of streams we are creating that measure things like on time delivery by a required date and by a promise date.

I have a column called qms metric it is a yes or a no flag and
a column called value, with 1 and 0.

My measurement is on the value. Count how many times we were on time (1 = on time) and then display the % of lines on time and the % not on time.

My dimension is the column called qms metric

When i select that metric my totals have a % of 15.xx% but my y is 100 and my n is 0.

I’m told this : The QMS Metric measure is a calculation of (Value/count)*100

With calculated measures in the total row they are not actually totaled , the calculation is applied to the total data."

I really need a solution to help with this. I have about 15 streams that use this same type of metric.

if i don’t use this dimension, then my numbers are good, but as the user tries to understand what was “late” the Y and No amounts are off.


Since qms metric is the Dimension, the QMS Metric measure can be set with value = 1

Eg: Y= 10 time and N = 5. Then on Phocas, change “Actual” to % Share under “Format” (on the left of Period).


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