New User - Welcome Email


We have recently added 5 new databases for another company we manage who are using a different ERP.

I setup the first of their users last night and she received the email with a username and password but no link to the server.

Only a small thing I know, but would be nice if they had all the information in the welcome email so they can get started at their leisure rather than relying on additional information to be sent to them.


Hi @ShaneAngel. We do include the link in the welcome email however for on premise customers the Application URL setting needs to be configured for it to display. This is so we know where to point them as the application doesn’t know as it could be masked e.g. load balancers, proxies. You can go to configuration in administration and set the Application URL there.


That’s great, thanks Will, I have set that up now!


This also applies to hosted customers. As a hosted customer, our emails never included the link either. I just checked, and the Application URL was blank. I did update that, and now the emails contain the link!


Yeah we are hosted and I had to update this field as it was blank.