Phocas Data By Role

Does any one have suggestions on the most commonly used data report types by role.?

So for example a list of data reports a sales person could use and Phocas has the ability of displaying.

Sales and GP Variances by customer are used the most for individual TM’s. They also have dashboards with pie charts showing what priceline mixtures each account is buying and line graphs of Sales and GP Rolling 12.

Buyline or Priceline level sales variances are more geared towards sales management and inventory control types. Specifically when preparing for joint sales calls.

Accounting uses GP by period along with goal related reports to calculate sales commissions and bonuses.

GP% trends, pricing pattern breakdowns, and unclassified accounts reports are used by operations to spot trends and streamline processes.

Branch profitability mixtures, loyalty metrics, new customers, and struggling accounts alerts are what our owners review.

We combine several of these to build a monthly scorecard with our KPI’s and then we discuss them on our huddles.

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We are new to Phocas. I have a similar follow up question. I would like to see snapshots of dashboards by department or role. If you don’t feel that you can post a snapshot on this forum, then email would be fine too.

I am hoping to steal ideas from all of you who did the actual work. For example, if you have dashboards and associated reports for Purchasing, Warehouse, etc…

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