Properties and Linked Tables

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there’s a way to display a property based on a IF statement. This would have not been an issue if I only use 1 table but in my case I have a Customer table and a User Defined Customer table linked. The point is to display a field from my user defined table if it exists and if it’s null/blank then display a field from the Customer table.

The context here is to group customers with the same end (e.g. 1 customer from Canada and 1 customer from USA under the same Name/ID) so when we create graphs we won’t be seeing the same name twice in our top 10.

The user defined field is already populated for the purpose of grouping but it is left blank when grouping is not needed. A solution would be populating the blank field with the same Name/ID as the one we use in the Customer table but since it’s an optional field I fear that our users will leave it blank whenever they create a new customer.

Alternatively, having a “Add custom column” (similar to the green plus in the Measure section of the Design Database) would be quite handy for interacting with 2 tables.