Rebates - Security Compliance

With rebates, we are getting to a point that we need to proportion activity between the sales territories and the financial side.

Our objective is to be able to split the job functions down into two distinct categories:

  1. Accounts - Posting Rebates
  2. Sales Managers - Creation/calculation of Agreements

To achieve this we would need the following security aspects:

  1. Rebates to have security to reduce the ability to only perform rebates on Projects that we provide access to.
  2. Rebates to NOT allow users to post, only calculate/create agreements.
  3. To assist with our ongoing SOX compliance. (clear indication of approves of postings)

This is something we consider is vital for a successful roll out of rebates in our global business.

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To expand on this a bit, we’ve looked at using Rebates to calculate our commissions as well, which would work pretty well for us. With the exception of needing some more granular security controls within the rebates module.

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@JonKemp, @aaron.roma
Thank you very much for your suggestions. They have been added to our list and we will review internally. We might contact you to get your thoughts separately.

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