Using Phocas Rebates for commissions


We’ve recently began using Phocas Rebates. After splashing around in it for a bit, one thing that came to mind is that with a few minor tweaks, I think this thing could be used to calculate our commissions. We currently use a custom built application to calculate our commissions as our ERP system didn’t quite allow the flexibility we needed.

I did a quick search around to see if I could find anything on using Rebates to calculate commission, and found where apparently there was an old version of Rebates that was apparently used in such a manner.

Is anyone currently using the Rebates module for commissions? Is there any discussion at Phocas on moving in this direction?


@aaron.roma - We are marketing the Rebates product as a tool for calculating commissions as well as vendor and and customer rebates. I’ll reach out to you separately with references for Phocas customers using Rebates to calculate commissions.


Page Schrock


Thanks @page.schrock. I look forward to discussing it with you.