Vendor Rebates - How are you using Phocas?


Is there anyone in this group that uses Phocas to run reports that are used to submit rebates to vendors? The world of rebates is a nasty one because each vendor has their own set of rues on how they want things submitted. Just curious if anyone here is using Phocas over their ERP reports.


I use Phocas to monitor the volumes, it’s always a tricky one though as it’s not as clear cut as customer rebates which are clearly linked to Sales Invoices / Credits and paid on your own terms.

For Vendor rebates you have to use either Purchase Orders - which could be delayed through out of stocks and shipment times - eg stock ordered in December but not delivered in January or Purchase Invoices - which could be delayed through Goods In being behind and stock not being receipted and hence invoices not posted or just general delays in posting invoices or errors in dates entered.

Essentially though if Phocas is set up correctly the data should be the same whichever system you use, it’s just a matter of presentation and ease of reporting. The nuances of what rates are used etc I manipulate in Excel so it’s only the raw data being supplied by the system.


Thanks for the reply. Like everyone else, it would be nice to see something standardized among Vendors but looks like we just have to move through the processes like we always have. Again, thanks for your input


Have you looked into our new Rebates offering? It allows you to set up these rules by vendor/product/product group (or any other dimension you might use) and it will assist with generating the reports needed for your vendor rebate submissions. (and do other cool things like show you how your rebates affect your margins and near misses on rebate tiers)

There’s a quick series of videos about our Rebates tool here


Nice topic, worthy of more attention. I had the same question, I too would like to hear any success stories using Phocas to claim rebates.
I looked into it, discussed with their Rebates team, and so far I haven’t seen the ability for it to be as comprehensive as Eclipse can be when dealing with ship & debit claim back rebates in particular. I don’t mean to bash what Phocas Rebates has so far. The other parts of it looked very good though, everyone should check it out to see if it works for you.
Even if they were to improve Phocas Rebates enough for the specific purpose of customer specific, product level, ship & debit rebates that we mainly deal with, we would still have to enter all the rebated products in Eclipse to get the proper cost overrides where they belong. And so far the Phocas Rebate module would require you to do duplicate entry of all those same items into your Phocas database as well.
But someday if Phocas could fully harness the Eclipse Matrix file, cross-reference between specific cost override sales and vendor purchases of those products, then I think it can get closer while only needing data entry once. We stopped trying to get too far into that custom stuff because Eclipse seems to handle the various situations well enough for us. Just like jderosa mentions…

I fully agree, but that might be as good as it gets.