Report Subtotals

You can’t select more than one dimension in the grid view, this is only possible in the nested view.

However, as you say it doesn’t retain the subtotals when you expand the selection. I’m told this was a decision Phocas had to make when developing the grid format. There is a Product Suggestion logged and said they’d canvas opinion on it. I also raised it with @Tim.Leonard at the recent PUG and stressed how important I felt it was for Phocas to think a little outside of analysis and embrace general reporting.

You could consider using the Nested Table function in Dashboards as this does allow you to have sub-reports within in dimension, up to three layers deep. The formatting isn’t quite as intuitive as the grid function but it does give you dimension level sub-totals.

Link to Product Suggestion - Keep Subtotals on Nested Tables

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