Report with only one specific property


i need a report with a certain property with Top 50.

The following:

Selection in the Green Box
Customer = Mustermann GmbH
Product group = sample part (1)
Selection in the red box
Period: 5 years retroactive
Selection in the yellow box (Separate picture)
Properties: Front / Rear
Selection in the blue box
Mode: Period

I would like to display the TOP 50, only with the property Front/Rear = R
In a second report, I would like to display the Top 50 with the Front/Rear = F property.

How can I set a filter on a property?

Salute Mücke


Right click on the Front/Rear property and select EQUALS F.

This will add an advanced filter in the top right magnifying glass section under the Property you’ve selected.

Then sort by the column you want to the Top 50 of (in your example you’re showing Quantity).

Duplicate the widget then go into the edit mode and click the magnifying glass.

Change the option under the Front/Rear property to R not F and save.

You’ll then have two widgets, one with the Top 50 Front and another with the Top 50 Rear.

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that’s genius.

Thank you.

Greetings Mücke

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Happy to help :slight_smile: