Selecting subset of brands out of all brands but still do calculations on all brands



I have a selection of 5 or 6 brands that I want to know what % of total sales they are for each region. I want to graph this for each region. I can easily see what % of total sales they are when I am using all brands but when I just select the 5 or 6 brands that I am interested in it shows them as a % of just those brands I’ve selected when I still want to see them as a % of total sales.


Can’t you do this via a calculation in custom mode? That is if I am reading this correctly. Sorry if I misunderstood. :slight_smile:


Sorry, not sure if I’m following but if I use custom mode to select those 5 or 6 brands using a filter those 5 or 6 brands still are the only brands that make up my total in that column, whereas I need the total of those 5 or 6 brands as a % of all sales


Hi Matt,

You can do a report like this where you choose your selections of a dimension;

And then depending on how many columns of data you want you could build a report like so;

This particular report shows YTD sales for all Product Groups, then YTD sales for just the 5 Product groups I selected and then the percentage of their sales compared to total sales. The only downside here is all the relevant information is only displayed in the total row, so I can’t see the breakdown of how the individual product groups are performing to total sales.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help Shane its greatly appreciated. I think you might have helped me sort it now! :-):grinning:


Great idea, Shane. Also, if you have only 5 or 6 brands, you should be able to just do 6 calculation columns in Custom, selecting just 1 brand at a time for your b/a*100 function. Almost makes it like a Matrix.