Sorting - Fixed Order

Is there a way to keep the order of a result fixed? For example, if I want to focus on the top 50 customers from last year, then see how they are doing the last 3 months, I will lose the order in which they appeared (top customers from last year, descending) and it will now be sorted by the new data (last 3 months), unless I leave total sales value from last year in the report. We want to keep the order in which these top performers were from last year’s data, to show more context with the new data and without crowding the report with a column we would only use for sorting.

You have two choices:

  1. Keep the prior year sales as a measure in the report and ensure sorting is on that as you add measures.

  2. Add the prior year sales as a property in the Custom Property option

Both will force you into Custom mode though but to keep a sort order the column you’re sorting by has to be in the report.