Stock Availability

I’m trying to build a stock availability measure in a dashboard.

Basically I want to initially calculate how many live stock lines are available for sale as a percentage of the total live stock lines.

The next phase would be to extend this to consider the number of weeks cover on a stock line and show the percentage of lines that have sufficient stock rather than just 1’s or 2’s.

Any ideas, I’m presuming I need to use a CASE WHEN but not sure how to get the percentage of all lines to work.

You may be able to use a Stream Variance % report to do this.
If you load Available Stock in one stream, and Total Stock in another stream, then Variance % will show one value as a % of the other value.
Alternatively, load the two values into different measure and use a custom report to calculate the %.

I see what you’re doing here but it’s the number of items in stock vs all items i want, not just the Available vs Total Inventory - although this would be interesting too.