Summary Chart Colors Based on %Variance

I wish the Summary Charts could show the sum total but, have an option to change color based on the underlying %variance. i.e. The Summary Chart shows $50,000 in sales. If that’s a negative variance (compared to X) show red, if the variance is positive and within 10% show yellow, if the variance is greater than 20% show green.

Hi @dan.klob,

this is a fantastic suggestion, that the team and I have been thinking about.

We have some preliminary designs and concepts, and I was wondering, if you would be open to a discussion to see if our concept matched your expectations, as well as get any feedback from you?

Hi @Riasat, I’d be happy to take a look and offer feedback on what you’ve cooked up. Glad to hear there might be an option for this at some point in the future. Appreciate you putting some eyes on it.