Summary Chart Ranges

I have an alert set up for stock value where I’m happy (therefore Green) when the stock is between a certain range.

However, if the stock value is up or down by a certain amount I would want to flag as Amber and then if excessively up or down then Red.

The current rules only allow for a one direction traffic light.

Would useful to have dual direction ranges, or the option to add multiple extra options - internally we use Red as low stock, Amber as a concern, Green as ok and Blue as overstocked.

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HI @StuartH,

I had a similar feature request raised here in July, would be good if both ideas were combined.



@JonKemp @StuartH Thanks again for your suggestion - we are keen to address this, and are currently looking at design ideas / options.

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Hi @StuartH, can you expand on this suggestion a little? Is it that you want more ranges and colours e.g. purple, orange, black?

Ok, a few options.

Firstly just a range bound (think bell curve) with the colours being the same in each direction:



Second option is then a wider scale for sweet spot:


Would be nice to pick either depending on what you’re trying to report on and why.

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@StuartH that’s given me a good understanding. Would these ranges then be alerts? And would you want to subscribe to them?

Definately in the alerts - so the number shows in the colour as it does now.

Subriptions probably however I haven’t used any that only trigger if a certain band is hit before.

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